Frontier Tech Investment Network

A Virtual Monthly Pitch Network Between Frontier Tech Startups & Investors

Pitch Events: 6
Startups Applied: 50
Formed: July 2017

I co-founded the Frontier Tech Investment Network (FTIN for short) with the rest of the LightSpeed Innovations team. FTIN is a virtual monthly pitch network¬† that we established to connect experienced investors with early stage startups aiming to commercialize ‘Deep Tech’, so anything from drones, AR/VR, autonomous vehicles, bioengineering, genomics, nanotech to space 2.0, robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, and other innovative technologies in new and early markets.

I have evaluated 53 startups applications so far (January ’18) and we have had 19 pitch to our network. Here below are a list of some of my favorites that I would recommend investors look out for. And here’s a list of the current investors in the network as well. Let me know if you would like an introduction to any of the companies.