Space Tech Summit

A Summit on the Commercialization & Future of Space

The Vision

Connecting Humanity to Space

I’m one of the creators of the Space Tech Summit. The Space Tech Summit was born out of a partnership between three organizations: LightSpeed Innovations, Draper University, and Global Startup Ecoystem. After going to countless space conferences, I realized most often revolve around the same topics (technology or investment) and offer the same conversations. So for my own conference, I was set on creating something unique, an event that brings together all the segments of the ecosystem: government, media, exponential technologies, startups, industry primes, investors, story-tellers, and influencers. I wanted to build an event that told the past, present and future story of humanity’s relationship with space. I wanted to inspire! The following is the proud result of this vision.

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Date: January 23-24, 2018
Featured Speakers: Tim Draper, Naveen Jain
# of Speakers: 100

Getting inspiration from the Marvel Fanfare, I created the video below that blasted off the whole summit.

I present to you the Space Tech Summit Fanfare.

The Implementation

The First Annual Space Tech Summit to Address Humanity’s Past and Future Relationship with Space.

Out of a total 26 panels/talks, I organized half of them, determining the right speakers (we had a 100 in total), inviting them, and keeping in mind the story we wanted to tell. We divided the summit into 5 parts:

  • Part 1: How Space Can Save Humanity
  • Part 2: The Space Ecosystem
  • Part 3: Becoming a Spacefaring Civilization
  • Part 4: Exploration to Commercialization
  • Part 5: Commercialization to Exponential Space

We had 250 people attendance over the course of our 2-day conference at Draper University HQ. The plan for next year is to take it to the next level, have a summit open to the masses and make space the united collaboration of humanity as a whole as it should be.

You can find a complete list of the speakers and the panels on the website as well as the slide deck below I have prepared for the summit (click on deck to scroll fast), but here on the right are a few I moderated and really enjoyed.

My Panel: From Corporations to Civilians
(Breaking Outside the Bubble)
Start @ 1h 4m

My Panel: The Imperial Federation
(Colonizing Space & Other Planets)
Start @ 53m 21s

Panel: The Pale Blue Dot
(How can space companies help Earth?)
Start @ 15m 32s

Panel: Pioneers of Tomorrow
(Future of Space Tech)
Start @ 2h 57m

Panel: Fermi Paradox & The Singularity
(What if space is not our future?)
Start @ 4h 7m

Fireside Chat: Investing in the Future
(Featuring Tim Draper)
Start @ 14m 12s